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ConnectiFIT on the NEWS

- Governor Rell Announces Grant to Create Wellness Agenda for State Employees.

- The DPH, today announced the kick off of ConnectiFIT, a voluntary worksite wellness program to improve the health of DPH employees (PDF).

- Walking state employees toward fitness and health (Spring 2006)

- Voluntary health promotion program brings exercise to the workplace. by Sherry Fisher & Beth Krane - February 6, 2006.

- MSN health and fitness, "Obesity in America", Connecticut, by Kathleen Donnelly.

- Connecticut center for eliminating health disparities among latinos.

- http://www.cdc.gov/dhdsp/library/toolkit/pdfs/toolkit.pdf

- http://www.nutrinium.com/index.php?q=Beta-carotene&start=460&dir=1

- http://www.stepitup.org/images/Win06.pdf

- http://www.casciac.org/bulletins/jan06.pdf



- http://www.dhpe.org/voicearchive/TheVoiceMarch2006Issue.htm

- http://www.opm.state.ct.us/budget/2007MidtermBooks/BudgetDetail/health.pdf

- http://www.dph.state.ct.us/agency_news/Press_Releases/CONNECTIFIT.pdf

- http://www.das.state.ct.us/News/NewsLetters/DAS_Times_06_03.pdf