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Pedometer Walking Program Success Stories

Thank you.  This program has helped me in many ways.  Two weeks into the program, still going strong.  I have a very stressful position as a department's receptionist, assisting the public in person, heavy phone coverage and other administrative responsibilities so this program means a lot to me in staying sane and fit.  Every day I look forward to walking on my breaks to help maintain my motivation and focus, plus, I also workout at the YMCA for cardio and weight training.  I am very much to looking forward to the completion of this program with great long term success.

I am a full time working Mom with 3 children. My job is very fast passed and stressful at times. Taking care of myself was something I just couldn’t seem to accomplish. But with the help of the Connecti-Fit program I’ve started to become more aware of my health, walking with a pedometer has also been a great motivator for me. I am conscience of the food choices I make, and my energy level has increased. I have shared my experience with a friend who works at another state agency, and she has incorporated Connecti-Fit program for herself, when we get together our focus is on walking. There have been a lot of benefits for me with the Connecti-Fit program and I am grateful.

DPH has already made it to the Grand Canyon and is on the way back! 
Here is bit of Sole Survivor trivia as we begin Week 6:

  • We have trod 783,895 steps or about 392 miles
  • Best week was 176,274 steps or 88 miles  (Week 4)
  • Un-best week was 114,781 or 57 miles  (July 4th + 1 member off all week)
  • Best day was 49,086 or 24.5 miles  (July 25)
  • Un-best day was 21,830 or 11 miles  (July 29 - 2 members with the day off)

Keep plodding along!

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