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The Healthy Start Program
The ConnectiFIT Team has been working on some exciting programs for the new year!  For Healthy Start Program, you will be invited to fill-out a Health Risk Assessment questionnaire (HRA) and participate in a free of charge blood cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure screening. The results of the HRA will then be processed and produced into a tailored individual health report as well as an aggregate report of all the participants.  If you wish, the ConnectiFIT Team will be available for private consultations to review your results with you. A survey will be sent to you in four months to see if you made any changes in your lifestyle based on the results of your HRA.

We also hope to use the aggregate reports as an overview of general health of the entire workforce and tailor our future programs to meet the health need of employees.  We propose New Year be the year to remember for great changes in your healthy lifestyles!

Health Screening

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