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ConnectiFIT: Program Description

Three levels of programs will be offered through ConnectiFIT:

1. Awareness Programs: The purposes of the awareness programs are to increase the employee's level of awareness or interest in the program topic. Examples include:

  • Interactive website
  • Health information kiosk
  • Educational Seminars
  • Employee health fairs
  • Health Screenings
  • Stress Reduction
  • Distribution of printed materials (brochures, newsletters)

2. Lifestyle Change Programs : The purposes of these programs are to promote a healthy lifestyle through behavior modifications such as increased physical activity, improved nutrition, stress management, and smoking cessations. Examples include:

  • Capitol City Climb
  • Lunchtime walking club
  • Continuation of pedometer program
  • Heart Smart healthy eating campaign
  • Stress management classes
  • Smoking cessation campaigns

3. Supportive Environment Modifications: The purposes of these programs are to institutionalized changes that are put in place to support the goals and objectives of the ConnectiFIT program. Examples include:

  • No smoking on facility grounds
  • Healthy cafeteria menu options
  • Healthy vending machines options
  • Endorsement of and participation in the program by agency management and supervisors
  • On-site resource library to provide employees with health and wellness information, such as books, videos, internet sites, or brochures


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